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Sunday, June 12, 2005

C/4 Seger High Fire Glaze#5

C/4 Seger High Fire Glaze#5
Originally uploaded by claycraft.

Using the Seger analysis of Orton C/4 as a starting point, we designed

the following C/9 glaze base

KNaO .3 Al2O3 .5 SiO2 4.0

CaO .7

Then, we lowered the alumina portion to .400

KNaO .3 Al2O3 .4 SiO2 4.0

CaO .7

The base recipe is as follows :

Custer spar 46

Whiting 18


Silica 24

Total 100

It was colored by equal amounts of Cobalt Carbonate and

Green Chromium Oxide.

#51 = 0.75 Cobalt Carbonate and 0.75 Green Chromium Oxide.

"Ils sont fous ces quebecois"

"They are insane these quebekers"

"Est´┐Żn locos estos quebequeses"

Edouard Bastarache

Irreductible Quebecois

Indomitable Quebeker