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Thursday, June 09, 2005

C/9R Mel's Iron Glaze #1-D (Red)

C/9R Mel's Iron Glaze #1-D (Red)
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C/9R Mel's Iron Glaze #1-D (Red)

(Modification of C/9R Mel's Iron Glaze #1-A,

Bone ash and RIO were increased again)

Custer Spar 43.5

Silica 30

EPK 6.5

Whiting 8.7

Talc 7.6

Bone Ash 13.7

Total 110

Bentonite 2

RIO 13.7

It does not run because it was glazed less thickly

as you will see in the picture.

"Ils sont fous ces quebecois"

"They are insane these quebekers"

"Est´┐Żn locos estos quebequeses"

Edouard Bastarache

Irreductible Quebecois

Indomitable Quebeker