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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What a difference a glaze base recipe makes la la la !!!

What a difference a glaze base recipe makes la la la !!!
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Hi all,

at C/9� redux, just to verify the influence of glaze bases

on the same mixture of opacifier/colourant, I conducted an


On the left side of the picture there is our G2A1 glaze :


G-200 Spar 41.1

Barium Carbonate 16.6

Ball Clay 15.6

Whiting 14.4

Zinc Oxide (calc.) 6.3

Colemanite 3.9

Total 97.9

Rutile 1.5

Red iron oxide 1.5

On the right side there is the second glaze :


Dolomite 18.4

Flint 26.6

Frit #3134 3.9

Kaolin 13.3

Kona F-4 35.4

Zinc Oxide 2.5

Total 100

Rutile 1.5

Red Iron Oxide 1.5

As can be seen we have 2 entirely different glazes,

hence the influence of the multiple interactions between

the various chemicals of bases and the opacifiers

and/or colorants in the final products.


"Ils sont fous ces quebecois"

"They are insane these quebekers"

"Est�n locos estos quebequeses"

Edouard Bastarache

Irreductible Quebecois

Indomitable Quebeker