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Friday, April 18, 2008

Tradition and The Modern.

Folkways and modern technology are equally valid.
They have different strengths. The old ways are great for innovation and coming up with new things. Industrial methods are good for repeating these new discoveries. For example, Currie grids are good to discover new glazes. Materials analysis and glaze calculation are good for control.

We have a prejudice toward factory technique and methods, but it
does not invalidate technologies that have been developed over 10s of thousands of years.

Hamada said:

"First, you completely digest the tradition. Then you create something new through your finger tips." Digestion is where you begin.

Once we acknowledge that we are not the pinnacle of knowledge, but are only exactly in the middle of all the knowledge of the past, and all the knowledge that will come in the future, then we can accept all knowldege with humility.

A friend said we should embrace ALL change:

Cancer is the epitome of unrestrained change. So is the damage we have done to our environment. We have depended too heavily on the perspective of "mastery" and not enough on integration, a wholistic view and learning from the environment.

You need a stable foundation to work out from. We have many new expressions of old forms and many new uses of old forms. Exciting things always happen when cultures meet. If one is flexible
enough to learn.

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