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Friday, April 11, 2008

Song Of Work

n 1947, five young men built a communal pottery named Shussai-Gama, influenced by William Morris and Mingei. They recited this Kawaii poem together at the beginning of each day:

Song Of Work

To work is to know work
To work each day is healthy
There is nothing work can't do Anything can be work
Even in tasks that one dislikes is found work
There is nothing that can't be advanced upon
You will be suprised at the extent its power gives
There is nothing that work doesn't know
It will teach you anything you ask
It will fulfill anything you wish for
The things that work likes best are
To do with the things that require suffering
And suffering will be defeated by work
So then-- for all of us, Lets rejoice.

--Kanjiro Kawaii