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Sunday, June 12, 2005

C/4 Seger High Fire Glaze#11

C/4 Seger High Fire Glaze#11
Originally uploaded by claycraft.

Using the Seger analysis of Orton C/4 as a starting point, we designed

the following C/9 glaze base

KNaO .3 Al2O3 .5 SiO2 4.0

CaO .7

Then, we lowered the alumina portion to .300

KNaO .3 Al2O3 .3 SiO2 4.0

CaO .7

The base recipe is as follows :

Custer spar 48

Whiting 19

Silica 33

Total 100

It was colored using an industrial waste material, QIT Blue Dust.

#57 = 6% QIT Blue Dust

QIT stands for Quebec Iron and Titanium, it owns an ilmemite mine in northeastern Quebec.

The ore is shipped to Tracy, Quebec where it is processed to titanium dioxide slags, iron pigs,

steel billets, and steel auto parts. This dust comes from the reduction kilns in which the ore is

separated into titanium dioxide slag and iron. The general formula of QIT Blue Dust is as follows:

FEO 33%

SIO2 17%

AL2O3 7.0%

TIO2 33%

CAO 2.0%

MGO 7.0%

KNAO 1.0%

TOTAL 100%

It was 170 mesh sieved.

A theoritical substitution is as follows for 1% of the stuff:

Red Iron Oxide 0.310

Silica 0.020

EPK 0.110

Rutile 0.290

Dolomite 0.050

Magnesium carbonate 0.110

Custer Spar 0.110

Total 1.000

"Ils sont fous ces quebecois"

"They are insane these quebekers"

"Est´┐Żn locos estos quebequeses"

Edouard Bastarache

Irreductible Quebecois

Indomitable Quebeker