Clay Craft

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tsubo in Gallery Shun Show

When we polished yohen pots at Sensei's, I always tried
to grab this form. One of the interesting things I noticed there,
was when you spend an entire day holding a pot in you lap like a baby
polishing it, you really got to know the pot.

On this pot, I stamped the character for OM. When I rubbed
pots as an apprentice, I recited a sanscrit phrase that began with OM
while I rubbed it, "putting prayers" into the pot. I didn't
consciously choose the OM decoration on this pot when I made it, and
just realized what I did while writing this. I textured the pot
for inlay with with a MacKenzie technique: a sureform rasp. Posted by Picasa