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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tomimoto Kenkichi Woodblock Print

Tomimoto Kenkichi Woodblock Print

Hanga (woodblock print) by Tomimoto Kenkichi (1886-1963.) Tomimoto has been
called by some as the most influential Japanese potter of the 20th Century
(based on a Japanese pottery magazine poll.) He was designated a Ningen
Kokuho (Living National Treasure) in 1955, the same year as Hamada Shoji,
Arakawa Toyozo, & Ishiguro Munemaru, and the year that such designations

One of my favorite exhibitions that I attended in Japan was one of
Tomimoto's works shown at Yokohama SOGO Museum in 2001. In addition to his
pots, the exhibit showed numerous examples of his paintings and priliminary
sketches of pots to be made. This additional element of his work was
wonderful & so interesting to see.

For further information on this print, please contact Tatsuo Tomeoka,
WaSabiDou Antiques & Folk Crafts; 206-660-4189,